You've got to love this beer

It tastes great, and it makes you look cool at a party. Have a couple of them and people around you start looking better as well.

Some beers are okay, others are brilliant

Mack Brewery is lucky to have Rune Lennart Andreassen, the passionate and dedicated brewmaster who looks after every little detail, to make sure that their beer tastes just awesome. With this series, Rune got to make just the kind of beer that he himself enjoys the most.

All Hail The Brewmaster

When analyzing the Norwegian beer market we found that the products fell into these obvious categories:

  1. The classic/regular beers. Mack, Hansa, Ringnes, Carlsberg, Tuborg.
  2. “Independent” labels with maybe a grungy/rock-look. BrewDog, PunkDunk and HungDuck
  3. Small (and high quality) producers. Nøgne Ø, Haandbryggeriet, Aegir, Kinn.

We found that there was a possibility to stand out by focusing more on the brewing craft itself. Why not make the brewmaster more present, bring him in as a personal guarantee for quality?

Innovation, quality and craftmanship

This beer stands out from it’s competiors with it’s clear serial design and it’s simplicity. Unlike most other beer labels, it dares to tone down the "mother brand" (Mack) and focus more on the different tastes/variations.

With this range, Mack has a product that shows their dedication to innovation, quality and craftmanship. The solution tells the story of a beer made with pride, and with 140 years of experience.

An award for our excellence!

Every year The Norwegian Design Council acknowledges the very best of innovative solutions through the Award for Design Excellence. It is a leading award for design in Norway and is given to both manufacturers and designers who have cooperated on the development of products. The award is granted in recognition of the successful use of design as a strategic tool in product development and market communication.

Award for design excellence The jury says:

This project has a holistic expression characterized by good design craft, exciting color choice and a relieving lack of beer-clichés. The designers have borrowed aestetics from other sort of beverages, the result is new and stands out in the shelves. The labels look great, especially the shop-versions on a white background.

It is a brave choice to minimize the Mack-logo, and use the space for the version name and brewing details. Here lies loads of storytelling and relevant beer-information, according to the jury. This ensures that even beer-newbies know what they’re buying. The impression is gender-neutral and opens up the beer category to a larger audience.